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Multiple local working copies

Apr 13, 2022
Workspace, SVN

Work on multiple local changes in parallel but commit them separately # You are working on a larger story or functionality and making good progress… but then something urgent pops up or you need to work on something else first. The local changes are still unfinished and you want to commit those separate from the new changes to the same branch (or main) line. So you: want to keep your local changes separated from the new task don’t want to loose your local changes (the work in progress) don’t want to commit your local changes yet don’t want the fuss of creating a branch line and merging all the changes later on In other words, you need another local copy of the same main/branch line to work on. ...

Writing better commit messages

Jul 5, 2017
Commit message, Best practices, SVN

A commit message is a communication between you and your co-developers. Creating a habit of writing good commit messages serves many purposes and can save everyone a great amount of time and frustration. The good, the bad and the ugly # A good commit message serves several purposes: Explanation of the commit (the what and why) Speed up the reviewing process Writing release notes Future maintenance and reference Information for merging Writing a good commit message does not happen by accident, however a bad and ugly one happens by default. ...