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Hi, I’m Stephan #

Low code developer and solution architect. I share insights, knowledge,
tips & tricks about Mendix and Be Informed, and other stuff I just love.
I live in Willemstad, Curaçao 🌴

Mendix 9 is now available

Mendix 9 is out now! A major release packed with new features: task queue for horizontal scalability, MxAssist performance bot (AI that improvse the performance of your app by inspecting your model), support for building offline-first progressive web apps (PWAs) and much more. I’m really excited to give the new PWA functionality a go! Mendix 9 is now available for download from the Mendix Marketplace

[Featured blog post] End-users expect fast and engaging web experiences. Yet the application landscape is becoming more complex. Your Mendix application can meet these rising expectations and impress users on both desktop and mobile devices. Learn how to locate and analyse performance issues, improve application performance and gain insight in how design decisions impact your application. This post is a comprehensive reference guide for developers to optimize their applications.

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