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Low code developer and solution architect. I share insights, knowledge, tips & tricks about Mendix and Be Informed, and other stuff I just love.

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Low code development & solution architecture

Low-code helps you develop faster. Whether you’re looking to speed up development time by helping your pro developers build apps more quickly with reusable components or by allowing your non-professional developers the ability to create their own applications. Organisations all over the world are turning to low-code development to accelerate digitalization. Through a visual modelling language, development is faster because professional developers can use one common language to create enterprise-ready applications.
I have over 8 years of experience developing with the low code platforms Mendix and Be Informed. Building innovative solutions and solving complex problems. I can help your organisation to unleash the full potential of low code and grow your digitization capabilities. As an experienced low code developer and solution architect I will guide you in making design and architecture decisions; creating applications that are maintainable, highly performant, and scalable, and can cope with the complex nature of enterprise systems and integration.

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Use Cast Object to get the specialisation

Cast object with inheritance split can be used to get the specialised members of the object. This is much faster then a database retrieve.

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About me

Hi, I'm Stephan!

Hi, I am a freelance low code developer and solution architect from the Netherlands, currently living in Willemstad, Curaçao 🌴 with my lovely wife and two beautiful kids. I love spending time with them. My hobbies are beach volleyball, military history and gaming. I occasionally blog about stuff I find useful, or when I did a deep dive into an interesting topic. Want to know more about me or about my work and projects? Or just get in touch? Contact me on or via e-mail:

Recent content

Multi select enumeration - Mendix widget

I got stuck…a lot. Pluggable web widgets are the new generation of custom-built widgets for Mendix. I followed the how to create a pluggable widget, but it was harder than I thought. I got stuck on the prerequisites, on React, on State management and on TypeScript (but I choose to ignore that bad boy). But lo and behold, after some trying and studying, my first Mendix widget has been released! Multi Select Enumeration is an input widget which allows you to create a list of checkboxes from an enumeration!

Available in a Mendix Marketplace near you!

Mendix 9 is now available

Mendix 9 is out now! A major release packed with new features: task queue for horizontal scalability, MxAssist performance bot (AI that improves the performance of your app by inspecting your model), support for building offline-first progressive web apps (PWAs) and much more. I’m really excited to give the new PWA functionality a go! Mendix 9 is now available for download from the Mendix Marketplace