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Fast manipulation of large tables

Jul 13, 2017
Performance, Batch processing, Transactions

Mendix applications can accumulate large sets of data originating from various sources and created for various reasons. In order to work efficiently with large datasets extra attention to performance is needed. This post will provide recommendations for speed and performance when modelling manipulations of large datasets. Use batches (limits and offsets) # Batches are the execution of actions each on a set or “batch” of inputs, rather than a single input. ...

Use Cast Object to get the specialisation

Aug 17, 2016
Cast object, Inheritance, Performance

The Mendix platform queries the entire hierarchy when retrieving the specialisation from the database, in order to guarantee a consistent data structure. When retrieving the generalisation it will also retrieve the entire hierarchy. Thus, developers should never retrieve a specialisation from database if the generalisation is already available. Use Cast Object with an inheritance split to get the specialised members of the object. This is much faster. Inheritance # A specialisation is an entity that inherits attributes, associations, events etc. ...

The developers guide to performance

Jan 31, 2016
Performance, Optimization, Database, Microflows, Improvements

End-users expect fast and engaging web experiences. Yet the application landscape is becoming more complex. Your Mendix application can meet these rising expectations and impress users on both desktop and mobile devices. Learn how to locate and analyse performance issues, improve application performance and gain insight in how design decisions impact your application. This post is a comprehensive reference guide for developers to optimize their applications. Introduction # Performance is vital to creating a successful fit-for-use application. ...