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Applying security to inheritance

Jun 1, 2017
Security, Inheritance

Configuring the security of a Mendix application is an important but sometimes tedious task. Misunderstanding of how security is applied by the Mendix platform can lead to failing security with great consequences. It is the developers task to constrain each entity with access rules. This post is a quick guide to setting up security in the context of inheritance. Knowledge of How to: Create a secure app and Implement Best Practices for App Security is assumed. ...

Use Cast Object to get the specialisation

Aug 17, 2016
Inheritance, Performance, Best practices

The Mendix platform queries the entire hierarchy when retrieving the specialisation from the database, in order to guarantee a consistent data structure. When retrieving the generalisation it will also retrieve the entire hierarchy. Thus, developers should never retrieve a specialisation from database if the generalisation is already available. Use Cast Object with an inheritance split to get the specialised members of the object. This is much faster. Inheritance # A specialisation is an entity that inherits attributes, associations, events etc. ...